Playford Alive

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Playford Alive

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Construction and urban renewal



The Playford Alive project area is approximately 1000 hectares in size. It consists of urban renewal in the existing suburbs of Smithfield Plains and Davoren Park, integrated with adjacent greenfield developments of new communities at Munno Para, Munno Para Downs, Andrews Farm and Penfield.

The project is located near key transport links including the Northern Expressway, Main North Road and the Adelaide-Gawler rail line. It is also close to key economic and commercial activity areas such as Edinburgh Parks, Elizabeth West Industrial and Commercial Area, Elizabeth Regional Centre and the Adelaide Plains Horticulture Region.

Renewal SA is developing approximately 240 hectares of greenfield land in Munno Para with a shopping centre, community services and local parks and playgrounds, with lots sold to the private sector.

Private developers are developing the land in Andrews Farm and Penfield.

Land in Munno Para Downs is likely to be sold in the future for subdivision.

Combined, the 339 hectares of land will yield approximately 4,500 lots on which approximately 6,100 new dwellings will be constructed to accommodate more than 16,500 people.

More than 1,800 new dwellings will be constructed on 121 hectares of greenfield land sold to AV Jennings at Penfield in 2011, ultimately accommodating 4,900 people.  This new urban development will have 12 community parks dispersed through each precinct, to encourage more active lifestyles and a true sense of community spirit.

In addition, approximately 1,000 new houses will be constructed in the renewal area suburbs of Smithfield Plains and Davoren Park. The land has been created through the demolition of some 500 Housing SA owned houses and through lots created on former school sites and other surplus land.

More than 600 existing Housing SA dwellings in Smithfield Plains and Davoren Park will be renovated with approximately half retained for social rental housing and the remainder will be sold.

The South Australian Housing Trust will build more than 500 new dwellings for social rental housing in Smithfield Plains, Davoren Park and Munno Para.

The project is delivering lifelong education and skill development through the Renewal SA Works program at Playford Alive. This program provides a range of training and employment opportunities for local people comprising of work experience, paid employment and accredited training placements through infrastructure and commercial sales contracts and live training sites.

Estimated project value

$17 million per annum

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