Northern Connector

Project name

Northern Connector

Industry sector

Construction and urban renewal



The Northern Connector will be a multi-lane expressway forming a critical component of Adelaide’s north–south corridor.  It will link major transport routes from the north of the state and from Perth and Sydney to the Port of Adelaide, and key employment and manufacturing areas throughout metropolitan Adelaide.

Jointly funded by the South Australian and Commonwealth Governments, the project will cost $985 million and be undertaken and completed over a three year period from mid-2016 to late 2019.

The road, to the west of Port Wakefield Road, will extend from the new Northern Expressway interchange with Port Wakefield Road at Waterloo Corner to the Port River Expressway and South Road Superway interchange at Wingfield.

The project will also lay the foundations for a major improvement in the freight rail link.  A new 31 kilometre national rail track will sit alongside the 15 kilometre Northern Connector road.  It will be used by freight trains as well as the Ghan and Indian Pacific, and connect with the existing rail line at Kings Road, Virginia and the Outer Harbor line at Dry Creek to make a more efficient north–south link for Perth to Melbourne journeys.

The Northern Connector will be raised on an embankment to protect the area from flood while detention basins and swales with extensive plantings will improve the area’s water management.

The project will have major positive impacts for the northern Adelaide region, acting as a catalyst for urban development and agri-business projects.

Estimated project value

$985 million

Commencement date

May 2016 (major works)


Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure
Mr Michael Deegan
Chief Executive
Phone 8402 1749
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