Greater Edinburgh Parks Masterplan

Project name

Greater Edinburgh Parks Masterplan

Industry sector

Construction and urban renewal



The Greater Edinburgh Parks Master plan will define more options for industry and business for the development of the 4,150 hectares of land bounded by Port Wakefield Road, the Northern Expressway, Womma Road, the Adelaide-Gawler railway line, the Adelaide-Darwin railway line, Helps Road and Waterloo Corner Road.

A collective approach by Northern Economic Plan partners offers greater certainty to investors through more detailed land use and shared infrastructure planning opportunities including:

Renewal SA, the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure and Department of State Development are collaborating with the Department of Defence, private sector employers, local government and the community to review existing land use expectations for the area. It is anticipated that the review will consider a mixed approach enabling both industrial and residential land to co-locate in some sections of the Edinburgh Parks area.

Commencement date

Decisions regarding definitive directions for the precinct expected during 2016.


Renewal SA
Mr Richard Stranger
Director Planning and Design
Phone 8207 1442