Opportunities in training and skills

Are you looking for work?

If you are looking to get a job or change career, you should prepare to make sure you have the right skills.

Gain a qualification and experience to land a job

Some jobs require employees to have specific qualifications. The Jobs First Training Projects program allows you to achieve a qualification through accredited training while gaining industry experience so you’re work ready.

For more information call the WorkReady infoline on 1800 506 266.

Undertake training and skills development for specific roles

Through the ‘Jobs First Employment Projects’ program, you can undertake training and develop skills for specific roles in sectors such as civil construction, horticulture and retail.

For more information call the WorkReady infoline on 1800 506 266.

Find one-on-one career advice

Career advisors provide one-on-one support and advice to help you become work ready. They can also connect you with learning, training and job opportunities in the northern suburbs.

To book an appointment with a career advisor call Northern Futures on 1800 619 933.

Education for adults

The Adult Community Education (ACE) program can help you improve your reading, writing and numeracy skills. It also offers workplace training such as using a computer.

For more information about ACE courses in your area call the WorkReady infoline on 1800 506 266.

Aboriginal Apprenticeships Program 

Apprenticeships and traineeships provide direct connections between training and jobs. The WorkReady program provides apprentices and trainees with money towards training, and for travel and accommodation costs to attend off-the-job training. Aboriginal apprentices and trainees also have access to Aboriginal mentors who can provide support.

For more information call the Aboriginal Employment infoline on 1800 627 849.

Support for long-term unemployed families

The ‘Building Family Opportunities’ program supports families in which people have been unemployed long-term. It helps develop the confidence and skills needed to get a job.

For more information call UnitingCare Wesley Port Adelaide on (08) 8259 2903.

Are you an employer looking for skilled, job ready employees?

If you are seeking job-ready staff members, the Department of State Development (DSD) can help connect you with the right people.

DSD has links with training and skills providers and can help you find people with the specific skills you need.

It can also put you in touch with job-ready candidates looking for work.

For more information about these services,  phone Northern Adelaide Regional Manager Nicole Turvey on 0477 367 810 or email [email protected]