Bird Sanctuary National Park secures 418-hectare expansion

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Adelaide International Bird Sanctuary National Park has been expanded by 418 hectares with the inclusion of the former Port Gawler Conservation Park.

On 8 August 2017 Port Gawler Conservation Park was abolished and became part of the Adelaide International Bird Sanctuary National Park – Winaityinaityi Pangkara, which in Kaurna language means ‘country belonging to all birds’.

Through national park status, the mangrove forests, samphire wetlands and dune habitats of this area will continue to be fully protected. The park’s reclassification will ensure that these ecologically important areas are managed as a unified system.

Adelaide International Bird Sanctuary National Park is now made up of 2875 hectares of land, forming an important part of the wider Adelaide International Bird Sanctuary area.

The State Government has committed $1.7 million over four years for the establishment and ongoing maintenance of the Bird Sanctuary, including the proclamation and expansion of the National Park.

The Bird Sanctuary in its entirety spans over 60km of coastline north of Adelaide on the eastern shores of the Gulf St Vincent.

As well as creating a safe haven for shorebirds, the Bird Sanctuary’s extensive and natural wetlands will filter and improve the quality of water entering the Gulf and provide opportunities for local and international tourism.

For more information about the Adelaide International Bird Sanctuary, visit the National Parks South Australia website.