Case Study

World-class data centre opens in northern Adelaide

Edinburgh Parks in northern Adelaide is home to YourDC, South Australia’s largest and most advanced data centre.

In a former car exhaust systems factory, a state-of-the-art facility can store 2,400 petabytes of storage, or about the same amount as 150 million smartphones, and will host more than $1 billion dollars in IT equipment and services when the centre’s 800 racks are filled.

YourDC founder Scott Hicks said the $30 million essential infrastructure – opened by Premier Jay Weatherill in May 2016 – paves the way for South Australia to compete nationally and globally over the next two decades.

“YourDC is the only data centre in South Australia built to Tier 3 specifications, meaning it’s the only facility in this state that has no single point of failure,” Scott said.

“YourDC protects data from every risk – fire, intrusion, power or internet outages.

“We have two of everything. If by some fluke a semi-trailer took out one side of the building it wouldn’t affect our ability to ensure business continuity for our customers.

Scott chose to locate YourDC in northern Adelaide because of its capacity to serve the many high-tech companies in the region.

“To have a data centre of this standard and quality at Edinburgh effectively makes the north an IT hub,” he said.

For more information visit YourDC