Case Study

Welding company diversifies for export success

AEM Cores Pty Ltd was established over 50 years ago, manufacturing welders and later transformer parts for the Australian market. During the late 1990s it applied expertise to creating products that could be exported worldwide.

A strong emphasis on research and development has placed the company at the forefront of its sector: developing and manufacturing specialist machinery for the production of magnetic cores which are the heart of transformers used for distributing electricity to homes and businesses. AEM exports to more than 40 countries worldwide, with customers ranging from large multinationals to small family companies.

Most recently the SA Export Partnership Program enabled it to market its products at industry trade shows in South America, Europe and China.

Success is driven by its employees and access to engineering sub-contractors and suppliers.

To aid  growth and expansion, we look to the Northern Economic Plan to maintain and improve the pool of highly skilled, innovative and adaptable employees and supporting businesses in the north.