Case Study

Salisbury coffee shop voted best in Australia

Spend just a few minutes with small business owners Julio and Yesenia Cordero and you’ll see why their Salisbury-based café Coffee Amigo was named the best coffee shop in Australia at the national Restaurant and Catering Awards in 2016.

Their enthusiasm and passion for good coffee is clear. The locals agree, with Coffee Amigo also taking home the prestigious consumer vote award at the 2016 state awards.

Julio said he and wife Yesenia took their entire team of six staff to the state awards presentation to enjoy being nominated for the third year running.

“We didn’t expect to win – we already felt like a winner,” Julio said.

“When I went on stage to collect the award, I started dancing!

“To then go on to receive the highest score in the coffee shop/tea house category nationally makes me so proud of the café and our ‘amigos’.

“Here we don’t work and I don’t want people to treat me like a boss, I am a friend. Amigo is a friend with everybody and it has always been my motto to be as friendly as possible”.

Julio moved to Australia from El Salvador. He has a long history of working in the hospitality industry, and says good coffee is a strong part of the culture in his home country.

“From age two or three you are given coffee and a biscuit in El Salvador. It’s part of life” Julio said.

“I have been working since age 11 in hospitality, and was managing restaurants at 16. I used to train myself by watching movies and seeing how they hold trays as waiters.

“After moving to Australia, I continued to work hospitality and share my love of making coffee, and four years ago we decided to start Coffee Amigo after I struggled to find work.

“I saw the potential of Salisbury, and I visited the area to see what coffee was available and there was none I liked. I even burnt my tongue on one as it was way too hot, and I thought I need to bring good coffee to this place.”

Yesenia said some friends had questioned their decision to open a business in Salisbury.

“We said, why not? It is fantastic here,” she said. “John Street is like a multicultural Mecca – you can find Asian, Afghan, Japanese, Indian or Latin American food all on this street. You don’t see that many other places.

“The support from the local community here has been brilliant and they feel very proud of our success.”