Case Study

Port Adelaide company lights up the Indian Premier League

Port Adelaide company Zing International has gone from strength to strength with their unique flashing cricket stumps and bails now exported to most major limited over competitions worldwide, including the Indian Premier League (IPL) Twenty20 cricket competition.

Director of Zing International, Bronte Eckermann said the company’s niche product has grown significantly in popularity since it debuted in the 2012 Australian Twenty20 Big Bash competition.

“Our product is now used across Twenty20 competitions in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, the Caribbean, Bangladesh, India and Pakistan, as well as major 50 over games such as the Cricket World Cup,” Bronte said.

“The product works to the laws of cricket, through an innovative patented sensor system in each end of the bail that flashes coloured lights the millisecond both ends of the bail lift from the stumps.

“This has solved a common problem in that when watching a replay, it’s very difficult to see exactly when both ends of the bail have lifted.

“I think the product has been so popular as it provides an immediate and spectacular way to see if the batsman is out.

“What I also love about it is that while crowd excitement in limited over cricket has traditionally been for the batsman and big hits, our product gives the bowler that celebration moment too.”

Bronte said the idea came from the desire to use his expertise and passion to create a product that solved a problem.

“Zings came about because of my love for innovation, technology and, of course, cricket,” Bronte said.

“With my knowledge of electronics and interest in new technologies, I was on the lookout for a changing market that could benefit from an innovative product – and I knew cricket was changing with the introduction of Twenty20.

“I deconstructed my daughter’s flashing LED ball one day to see how it worked, and it struck me that LEDs could be mounted in a cricket bail.

“I thought if I can get this technology to work to the laws of cricket, flash much brighter within one millisecond and survive 160 kilometres per hour impacts, I could be on to something.”

From here, Zing International was born and the world fell in love with the revolutionary flashing wickets, which have added a level of excitement and spectacle to the game.

“For our product to be used in the IPL is an achievement I am extremely proud of as it is one of the highest attended sporting leagues in the world, in a country that follows cricket like a religion,” Bronte said.

Since taking the world by storm with their high quality professional grade products, Zing International have developed ‘at home’ flashing stumps and bails that take backyard cricket to the next level! The backyard cricket products can be purchased at selected retail outlets or via the Zings website.

Zing International is based in Port Adelaide, where the company designs, manufactures and builds the Zing Wicket System that’s seen around the world on TV. 90 per cent of the Zing System is manufactured in Australia, with 80 per cent being manufactured in Port Adelaide and surrounds.