Case Study

Northern Economic Leaders – a collective voice for the north

From different industries and walks of life three of the inaugural Northern Economic Leaders (NEL) Board members, Julie Goods, Ly Luan Le and Mike Ford all share one vision – to be the voice for northern Adelaide and help make positive change.

Julie is the Director Workforce at Helping Hand Aged Care and says she got involved with NEL as she wants business leaders to work together to challenge and break through the negative perceptions of the north.

“NEL is about collaboration – bringing everyone together and representing cross sections of industry,” Julie said.

“We are a group that already has the ears of all levels of government and we are ready to be the advocates and representatives of businesses in the northern region.

“I’m tired of the ‘labels’ attached to Adelaide’s north.  Many Helping Hand staff live in this region and I know them to be the most motivated, values driven group of employees I’ve encountered in my working life.

“It is important the business community steps up and takes the lead in making change. The business community needs to be part of the solution for northern Adelaide.”

Executive Assistant for the Vietnamese Farmers’ Association, Ly’s philosophy for the north is simple – any effort, no matter how small, is a positive.

“It’s about everyone doing small things on the ground. Many small things put together can become a big contribution to our community,” Ly said.

“Don’t underestimate the power of your business for employment. I’ve learnt from the Virginia market gardeners that their small businesses of one or two employees make a difference, as together they form a greenhouse industry of 2,500 workers. Their collective impact is huge.

“Maintaining and improving employment will be one of the most important factors in the region’s success and, together, our business leaders can create employment opportunities using NEL as the vehicle.”

Director of his own business, Project Leadership Pty, Ltd, Mike, says the region presents a wealth of opportunities however the business community needs to take action to realise these.

“We have passionate people on the NEL Board and we will be pushing to get things done, but we need a strong membership base to do this, as it needs to be driven by business,” Mike said.

“We need to keep opportunities growing and developing to make sure people stay focused, enthused and wanting to stay in the north.

“It’s a case of us coming together to harness everyone’s capabilities, as a collective.”

The trio are calling on industry and business leaders who share their vision for northern Adelaide to sign up as a NEL member and become part of the solution for the north.

If you are interested in joining, or would like more information, email NEL Executive Officer Brian Hales or call 0414 987 009.