Case Study

Northern Adelaide based company develops innovative financial solutions for local business

Northern Adelaide-based entrepreneurs Robin Sands and Sam Hassan have developed an innovative solution to give businesses greater control over their financial processes and cut costs.

The solution disrupts invoice delivery through cloud software. More than 600,000 Australian businesses currently use cloud accounting solutions, however when they send an invoice they need to print and post it or PDF and email it because cloud accounting systems do not talk to other cloud accounting systems.

Robin said with Link4 co-founder Sam Hassan he has worked to address this problem with a solution that delivers the invoice instantly to the customer, via a secure Link that allows cloud accounting systems to connect.

“We met with several businesses around Adelaide and asked what their biggest issues were and one that repeatedly made the list was handling invoices,” Robin said.

“No matter which cloud software a supplier uses, Link4 enables them to send invoices directly to another cloud accounting system, instantly. No emails, no PDFs and no printing required.

“For example, restaurants can get thousands of printed invoices every year, and they need to upload these invoices to their accounting software as well as store physical copies of them.

“This time consuming process can be negated if the supplier sends an electronic version of the invoice directly from their accounting system to their customer’s.

“Both sides benefit from this model – the supplier knows the invoice has been delivered and accepted while saving on printing and postage costs, while the customer saves a lot of time eliminating the need for data entry and physically storing the invoice”.

Robin said during Entrepreneurs Week, Link4 Australia was selected to present their solution as one of the five new innovative ideas in Adelaide for 2016.

“I was really encouraged by Entrepreneurs Week. There are so many great ideas coming out of South Australia right now, particularly in northern Adelaide, and I feel there is a spirit that everyone wants each other to succeed.

“Link4 has received some positive feedback, including that it is surprisingly simple and easy to use and that businesses are glad this idea has come out of Adelaide”.

For more information visit Link4.