Case Study

IndigiSpace a story of shared opportunity

An $11,800 Small Business Development Fund start-up grant has helped, entrepreneur Greg Hodgkinson develop his IndigiSpace  website to help local Indigenous artists sell their artwork and share their stories.

“Having this financial support in the early stages of my business is such a big help,” Greg said.

“I’m working with about 20 local businesses. The grant will allow me to work with more artists and to purchase a camera to better share the stories behind their work”.

With a background in Aboriginal education and a passion for Indigenous artwork, Greg wanted to create an online marketplace for Indigenous artists so they could sell their products globally, using individual online “shopfront” profiles.

“Many Indigenous artists, designers and creative people face barriers to selling their work on a national and global scale,” Greg said.

“IndigiSpace is designed to support and economically empower Indigenous business owners by providing an online marketplace where they can independently sell their products, and by allowing them to share the stories behind their artwork and products, helping preserve Indigenous culture.

“We also run online marketing workshops to educate and empower artists to make the most of their IndigiSpace shopfronts”.

Greg said the cost effective co-working space in Munno Para’s Stretton Centre and supportive staff members had helped IndigiSpace achieve early success.

“The space is excellent – it has plenty of space for external meetings and support from Stretton Centre staff who bend over backwards to help,” Greg said.

“I would recommend anyone who needs business support, or who is thinking about co-working, to contact the Stretton Centre to discuss the options”.

The start-up business grant program is part of the $10 million Small Business Development Fund, which supports small businesses and start-ups in the Playford, Port Adelaide Enfield and Salisbury Council areas.

Business support is available across northern Adelaide through the Stretton Centre at Playford, the Polaris Centre at Salisbury, and Adelaide Business Hub in Port Adelaide.

For financial support to help your small business, visit Small Business Development Fund.

For more information visit IndigiSpace.