Case Study

Exports to the United Arab Emirates take flight

Thanks to a collaboration born out of northern Adelaide, high quality South Australian produce is now being exported to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Singapore.

Craig Katz heads up Australian Produce Collective, a dedicated export arm of the South Australian Produce Market based in northern Adelaide giving South Australian growers the opportunity to sell their products to overseas markets.

“We work from a hub in Adelaide’s northern suburb of Pooraka, where South Australian produce can be consolidated and prepared for export,” Craig said.

“This hub makes it easier for us to keep track of produce to ensure products are available to our overseas markets throughout the seasons.

“This is a great example of innovation, as the unique approach of preparing produce for export through a central consolidation point, has never been done before in South Australia.”

Australian Produce Collective’s first export from Adelaide was a mix of fresh fruit and vegetables to Qatar, followed by Dubai and Singapore.

“The new direct daily flight from Adelaide to Doha, and daily flights to Dubai and Singapore, makes it possible for us to connect with these markets and get fresh produce there each day.

“Our focus is on educating these markets about the benefits of Australian and, in particular, South Australian produce.

“While South Australian products are sold for a higher price than exports from many other markets, they are of a higher quality in terms of nutritional value and freshness.

“By highlighting this to international markets, we can increase demand and showcase our premium South Australian produce worldwide.”

More than sixty-five thousand people are employed in South Australia’s export industry overall. With a large number of growers based in northern Adelaide, it is anticipated that as exports of fresh produce increase so will jobs in the north, as more growers and staff are needed to manage additional demand.

Australian Produce Collective has been established as the dedicated export arm of SA Produce Market and is a joint venture with Purus Group, a leading Adelaide-based exporter.

Australian Produce Collective is also currently looking at options for export to other countries including Malaysia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Taiwan and Korea.