Case Study

Career counselling provides a path to training and employment

When GM Holden announced in 2013 that it would close operations in 2017, Brian of Craigmore was working in an automotive supply chain company.

“I was unsure and not confident of what the future would hold due to my age.  I was also not confident that I would be able to use my skills and move into a new role easily,” Brian said.

Under the State Government’s Automotive Workers in Transition Program, Brian received career counselling through Northern Futures and completed a training course.

“I was successful in gaining interviews which assisted with my overall confidence,” Brian said. “Even though leaving my workplace was an extremely hard decision for me to make, I needed to move on to establish stability and sustainability in my life again.

“I’ve been successful in gaining my dream job working for a small family owned business as a mobile service technician. I now look forward to going to work every day and I have regained my confidence and self-worth.”

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